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Answers to your questions about our resort

What are the check-in and check-out times of the Balansat Resort?

The Balansat Resort check-in time is from 2:00 pm, while the hotel check-out time is at 12:00 pm. In addition, our guests can enjoy all the facilities of the hotel after checking out. We have a trunk to store your suitcases and a shower area to shower before leaving the hotel.

Is the Balansat Resort a disability-friendly hotel?

Yes, the Balansat Resort is a disability-friendly hotel. Check with the hotel reception for adapted services and facilities.

Does the Balansat Resort offer food and beverage options for guests with food intolerances?

Yes, the Balansat Resort offers food and drink options for guests with intolerances. Please indicate on arrival at the dining room what intolerances you have in order to indicate the dishes suitable for you.

What languages are spoken at the reception of the Balansat Resort?

The Balansat Resort reception team will be happy to assist you in the following languages: Spanish and English. We will always try to have staff with knowledge of German, Italian and French to facilitate conversation.

What are the parking options offered by the Balansat Resort?

The Balansat Resort does not have its own parking. Free parking is available in the immediate vicinity. And additional parking is available in high season 100 meters from the hotel.

Is the Balansat Resort a pet-friendly hotel that allows pets to stay?

No, guests are not allowed to stay with their pets at the Balansat Resort.

Is there a cost for the Wi-Fi internet connection at the Balansat Resort?

Internet access for guests is free at the Balansat Resort.

What's the minimum age for children to be dropped off at the Kids Club?

Children aged three years and over can stay in the Kids Club with prior parental permission. Children under the age of three must always be accompanied by an adult.

Is there a beach towel service at the hotel?

Yes, we have a pool towel service at your disposal. At Reception you will be informed of how to make use of this service. The service has a deposit fee which is refunded upon return of the towel at the end of your stay.

Is smoking allowed at the hotel?

We remind you that, in accordance with Spanish regulations (anti-smoking law 28/2005), smoking is prohibited in all enclosed areas of the hotel: common areas, dining room, indoor bar, lounges, rooms and corridors. Smokers can smoke on the outdoor terrace. The children’s area of the Splash Pool is a smoke-free area, so smoking is also prohibited.

How much does the safe service cost?

In your room you will find a safe that you can rent by paying a deposit of €6 and rent of €12 per week. Please leave the safe door open on the day of your departure, hand in the key at reception and you will be refunded the amount you have paid as a deposit. The hotel is not responsible for money or valuables that have not been deposited inside the safe. The loss or theft of the key from your safe will entail an additional cost of €6 and the loss of the deposit.

Is there a minibar service available in the room?

No, there is no minibar service but there is a mini fridge, kettle and microwave available in the room’s kitchen.

Is there an iron and ironing board available in the room?

If you need to use an iron and ironing board, please contact reception.

Can I exchange currencies at the hotel or withdraw money?

The hotel does not have a currency exchange service. We have an automated teller machine (ATM) in the hotel to make withdrawals.

Is there a “dress code” for hotel restaurants?

We would appreciate it if you wore appropriate clothing to access the restaurants. It is strictly forbidden to enter barefoot, in a swimsuit, with wet clothes or shirtless. At dinner it is recommended to dress more formally.

Is there a cold dinner service available at the hotel?

The hotel offers cold dinner service for the day of arrival, outside the dining room hours. Advance notice of arrival is required.

Is there an early breakfast service at the hotel?

If the day of departure requires an early breakfast before the opening of the restaurant, please contact reception before 8:00 pm the previous day.

Is it necessary to notify the hotel to book a cot? Does it have any additional costs?

If you are travelling with an infant under the age of 2, a crib will be available in your room upon arrival. This service is free and subject to availability.

Is it possible to buy swimming nappies at the hotel shop?

Yes, we have swimming nappies in the supermarket inside the hotel.

Can a car be rented at the hotel or nearby?

From the hotel reception you can manage the reservation of a car or a rental motorbike.

Is anything paid at the time of booking?

Yes, you will be charged the cost of the first night as a reservation deposit.

How do I cancel or change my reservation?

If you wish to cancel or modify the reservation made directly with us, you must contact us via email If you cancel more than 48 hours in advance, the deposit charged at the time of booking will be refunded.

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